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Clavia unveil Nord Grand 2

Dual synth & piano engines with per-layer effects

Clavia Nord Grand 2 stage hammer-action keyboard piano synth

Clavia have announced the upcoming launch of the Nord Grand 2, a new stage piano that promises to deliver the responsive feel of an acoustic grand piano thanks to the latest generation of Kawai’s premium triple-sensor Hammer Action keybed. The onboard sounds have also been upgraded from those present in the original Grand, with the new instrument equipped with dual piano and synth layers along with a versatile collection of per-layer effects.


Nord Grand 2 Piano dual layerBoth the piano and synth sections on the Grand 2 feature two independent layers.Grand 2 boasts two separate layers that contain an extensive range of grand, upright and electric piano sounds taken from the Nord Piano Library, which are said to capture all of the nuances and character of the original instruments thanks to the company’s advanced sampling technique. Realism is enhanced by features such as Advanced String Resonance and Dynamic Pedal Noise, whilst new additions including Dynamic Compression and Unison features help to further extend the instrument’s tonal range.

The dual piano (and synth) layers can be combined or split across the keyboard, with up to seven split points indicated by LED lights, and a Split Point Crossfade feature offers three different crossfade widths to smoothly transition between zones.


A pair of independent Sample Synth layers offer a huge variety of sounds ranging from sampled strings, brass, woodwinds, basses and guitars to classic analogue synth leads and basses — there’s also a selection of samples from ProjectSAM’s Symphobia and Swing libraries. Each layer is equipped with attack, decay/release and dynamic velocity response controls, with Soft and Bright parameters providing additional tonal control.

The latest version of Nord’s synth engine adds features such as Unison, which can be used to blend multiple sample voices, and Tru-Vibrato, which promises accurate modelling of vibrato for the acoustic instrument samples. There are also Mono and Legato playing modes that feature an adjustable Glide parameter.


Nord Grand 2 effects section hands-on controlsPer-layer effects are available, with hands-on front-panel controls provided for key parameters.Each of the Grand 2’s layers are treated to their own independent effects section, with hands-on control over all of their key parameters provided by a selection of front-panel knobs and buttons. Modulation effects with Rate and Amount controls are joined by an EQ section, amp simulation, delay and and compression (the last two of which can be applied per-layer or globally), and there’s also a global reverb processor featuring multiple mode and equipped with per-layer sends, pre-delay and switchable Bright and Dark modes.


The Grand 2’s main stereo output is provided on a pair of quarter-inch TS sockets, whilst a stereo headphone signal is available via a quarter-inch TRS socket. There’s also an input for monitoring audio from an external device, which is provided on a 3.5mm TRS mini-jack socket. Another pair of quarter-inch TRS sockets allow users to connect a sustain pedal (a Nord Triple Pedal is included) and volume pedal, and the Nord Triple Pedal 2 is also supported thanks to a five-pin DIN connector. MIDI I/O is available both on five-pin DIN connectors and via a USB-B port, and power is delivered to an internal supply via a standard IEC C14 inlet.

Pricing & Availability

The Grand 2 will be available in May 2024, priced at £3599 including VAT.

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