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Universal Audio expand Standard Series

Three new modelling mics join SD collection

Universal Audio SD Series SD-3 SD-5 SD-7 modelling dynamic microphones Hemisphere Mic Collection

Universal Audio have announced the launch of three new additions to their Standard Series of modelling microphones, the SD-3, SD-5 and SD-7. While they’re more than capable of being put to work as traditional microphones, they also offer a wide range of tonal options and additional control when paired with the company’s Hemisphere Mic Collection plug-in. 

The SD-3 is cardioid mic designed primarily for loud sources such as snare drums and toms, guitar cabs, brass and more, while the supercardioid SD-5 sets its sights on low-frequency instruments including kick drums and bass amps. Rounding off the new trio is the SD-7, a hypercardioid offering that promises to excel on loud sources with lively transients including percussion, toms, horns and guitar amps. All three employ hand-selected capsules that will withstand extreme SPLs, and feature integrated stand mounts for ease of positioning. 

Hemisphere Mic Collection, which can be run natively on Windows or Mac machines or on Apollo DSP hardware, provides users with a choice of 32 classic dynamic, ribbon and capacitor mic tones, and also offers the ability to adjust each mics’ filter, proximity effect and off-axis response, both before and after recording. 

Pricing & Availability

The new mics are available now, with pricing as follows:

  • SD-3: $129 each, $349 for a pack of three
  • SD-5: $199
  • SD-7: $149

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