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Xaoc Devices reveal Berlin VCO

Latest Leibniz Binary Subsystem module released

Xaoc Devices Berlin VCO Eurorack modular synth oscillator

Despite looking like a simple VCO at first glance, Xaoc Devices’ latest Eurorack offering is said to be capable of delivering rather more than its appearance suggests, especially when combined with some of the company’s other modules. 

Xaoc Devices Berlin VCO Eurorack modular synth oscillatorCombined with other Xaoc devices, Berlin VCO is capable of delivering a huge range of interesting waveshapes.Berlin VCO is a compact module that delivers square and saw waves with hard sync, FM input and octave switching, but it also features something a little different in the form of a Leibniz Binary Subsystem interface. LBZ Out and LBZ In patch points can be used alongside an LBZ Link switch and a gate input, allowing users to patch in other Leibniz-based modules and have Berlin VCO switch between its default saw wave and the returning processed signal. Xaoc say that using their Jena module in such a fashion will result in vintage-style wavetable oscillator sounds, for example. 

The module is said to operate in a similar way to the PPG Wave and Fairlight CMI, employing an internal clock with an extremely wide operating range (up to 20mHz) and variable sample rate. A huge range of unusual waveforms are on offer, but the nature of its design also means that the module can take some getting used to! As such, the company provide an in-depth manual for the module, and recommend that users read through before using the module to better understand its operation and avoid any common pitfalls that they may encounter. 

Key Specs

  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: +40mA / -20mA 

Other modules in the Xaoc range that are compatible with the Leibniz Binary Subsystem include Drezno II, Lipsk, Gera, Jena, Erfurt, Poczdam, Rostock, Ostankino II and Odessa.

Pricing & Availability

Berlin VCO is available now, priced at €220.

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