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Clavia unleash Nord Stage 4

Flagship instrument series upgraded

Clavia Nord Stage 4 piano synth organ keyboard

Clavia have today announced the release of the Nord Stage 4. This latest version of the company’s flagship instrument features a brand new panel design with dedicated LED faders for each layer, a premium triple sensor keybed, per-layer effects sections, and a Layer Scene function which allows users seamlessly switch between two different sound setups. In addition to the updated functionality, the instrument is also equipped with a new Preset Library packed with ready-to-use piano, synth, and organ sounds. Fully weighted 88- and 73-key versions are available, as well as a Compact model equipped with a 73-key semi-weighted keybed.


An enhanced selection of grand, upright, and electric piano sounds from the Nord Piano Library are present, with the company’s state-of-the-art sampling techniques ensuring that the patches capture all of the nuances and character of the real instruments. Further realism is provided thanks to the use of Advanced String Resonance and Dynamic Pedal Noise technology, two processes that are unique to Nord.


The on-board synth sounds are powered by the Nord Wave 2 Synth Engine, with the instrument boasting three independent layers and offering virtual analogue, sample-based, FM, and wavetable synthesis. A wide range of sounds sourced from the Nord Sample Library are present, including strings, basses, choirs, guitars, and more, and the sample memory size previously available on the Stage 3 has been doubled. Hands-on control over multiple parameters is available from the instrument’s top panel, and the Stage 4 also features a built-in arpeggiator with Polyphonic, Gate, and Pattern modes.


Nord’s award-winning simulations of B3 Tonewheel, B3 Bass, Vox, and Farfisa instruments are included, as well as two different models of pipe organ, and a Vintage Rotary Speaker effect is also present, featuring Normal or Close virtual microphone position options. Physical drawbars are placed on the top panel to provide hands-on control over the Organ section of the instrument, and are of a new design which utilises LED indicators for enhanced visual feedback.


The Stage 4 is equipped with a powerful new effects section that allows separate effects to be configured for each of the instrument’s layers. Nord have introduced a new Pump effect to simulate the effect of heavy side-chain compression, whilst new variations of existing effects also make an appearance. The  Delay, Amp, and Modulation processors have been updated, whilst the Reverb effect has gained new Spring, Booth, and Cathedral types.

Clavia Nord Stage 4 piano synth organ keyboard top panel controlsThe Nord Stage 4 88's top panel.

Pricing & Availability

The Nord Stage 4 is available now, with pricing as follows:

  • Nord Stage 4 88: $5699£4499 including VAT
  • Nord Stage 4 73: $5399£4149 including VAT
  • Nord Stage Compact: $4899£3899 including VAT

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