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TONEX Pedal by IK Multimedia

Hardware Tone Model host

IK Multimedia TONEX Pedal live performance amp cabinet effect modelling impulse response hardware

IK Multimedia’s TONEX software allows users to utilise the company’s AI Machine Modeling technology to capture everything from a single pedal through to an entire effects, amp, and cabinet signal chain, as well as providing access to thousands of manufacturer- and user-created models. Now, with the release of the TONEX Pedal, up to 150 of these models can be taken to the stage for live use.

Tone Models & Effects

The pedal comes supplied with the Max version of the company’s modelling software, providing access to 1000 Premium Tone Models, along with over 6000 user-created rig models, any combination of which can be transferred to the pedal’s 150 preset slots.

Once loaded, the models can be edited directly on the pedal itself, with the device equipped with processors and effects that include analogue-modelled EQ and compressor sections, a noise gate, and five stereo reverbs derived from the company’s AmpliTube X-SPACE pedal. There is also an IR Loader present, allowing users to load their own impulse responses and combine them with their Tone Models for an even greater range of tonal options.

I/O & Specs

A group of four quarter-inch jack connectors provide an instrument input, a stereo output pair, and a headphone output, whilst MIDI I/O is available on a pair of 5-pin DIN sockets. An additional quarter-inch jack allows users to connect an expression pedal, which can be assigned to control any parameter, and a USB-B port provides a data connection for transferring Tone Models, and also allows the pedal to function as a 24-bit/96kHz audio interface. IK Multimedia specify the pedal’s frequency response as 5Hz to 24kHz, and say it is capable of achieving a dynamic range figure of up to 123dB.

IK Multimedia TONEX Pedal live performance amp cabinet effect modelling impulse response hardwareThe TONEX Pedal's rear panel.

The TONEX Pedal is housed within a sturdy metal enclosure which measures 176 x 142 x 55 mm and weighs in at 906g. It accepts 9V DC power via a standard 2.1mm connector, and comes supplied with a PSU and a 1.5m USB-A to USB-B cable. In addition to the TONEX software,

For more information on the TONEX software itself, check out our review from the January 2023 issue of SOS. (print / web / app / replica / PDF editions)

Pricing & Availability

The TONEX Pedal is available now, priced at $399.99€399.99.

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