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Slate Digital update VIRTU Online Mastering

Service now available to all users

Slate Digital VIRTU web cloud-based online track song mastering service

Slate Digital have announced that their VIRTU Online Mastering platform is now available to all users, having previously been reserved for those with All Access Pass or Complete Access subscriptions. 

The online service has been designed to offer users of all experience levels an easy way to achieve professional-sounding masters. Mixes can be uploaded via a user-friendly interface, which then offers a choice of musical styles and a target loudness figure, as well as providing the option to upload a reference track that will influence the overall EQ and loudness processing. There are also an advanced set of controls to allow those who want more control over the end result to adjust the frequency balance, compression and stereo width of their master. 


VIRTU Online Mastering is browser-based, and accepts stereo mixes saved as WAV files. Sample rates of 44.1 or 48kHz are recommended. 

Pricing & Availability

VIRTU Online Mastering is available now, and users will receive two free masters upon signing up, with subsequent masters charged at $4.99 each. All Access Pass and Complete Access subscription holders continue to get three free mastering credits per month, with additional credits charged at $2.99.

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