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VIRTU online mastering from Slate Digital

Web-based mastering with customisable settings

Slate Digital VIRTU web cloud-based online track song mastering service

Slate Digital have announced the launch of VIRTU, a new web-based assisted mastering service. Available exclusively via their All Access Pass subscription package, the service promises to give mixes the clarity, space and depth they need to compete with modern chart-topping hits.

Mixes can be uploaded to the service as stereo WAV files, and users can select the musical style that best fits their track, as well as choosing between three loudness targets: Standard, Medium and Loud. A set of advanced controls also provide preferences over frequency balance, compression characteristics and overall stereo width. Once the desired settings have been selected, the service provides a 15-second preview for users to audition their mix before committing to a master; once users are happy with the sound, they can process the entire track and download the final master.

The company say that during the analysis process the service measures key information such as a signal’s loudness values across different frequency bands. This allows it to determine the tonal balance and dynamic range of the track, and to optimise the processing settings used to produce the final master. The advanced settings make it possible to customise the process, with presets offering EQ options such as Deep, Bright, Gentle or Smooth, compression styles that include Balanced, Punchy and Aggressive, and a variable amount of stereo width.

Slate Digital VIRTU online mastering EQ compression stereo width parametersVIRTU's advanced settings allow users to customise the EQ, compression and stereo width processing applied to their mixes.

The service will only accept stereo WAV files (mono files are not supported) and recommends either 44.1 or 48kHz sample rates. The minimum duration accepted is specified as one second, and the maximum file size and duration accepted is 200MB or 15 minutes. Once a track has been mastered, it will remain in the service’s library for 30 days, and can be downloaded and remastered until it is removed.

Pricing & Availability

VIRTU is live now, and is available exclusively via Slate Digital’s All Access Pass subscription service. Members are provided with three mastering credits per month, and can purchase additional credits for $2.99 each. Pricing options are as follows:

  • Monthly with no commitment: $24.99 / month
  • Annual paid upfront: $149 / year
  • Annual paid monthly: $9.99 / month for six months, $14.99 / month thereafter

A 30-day free trial is available, and trial users will also be provided with three mastering credits for use with the new service. Additionally, anyone who subscribes to the All Access Pass before 26 August 2023 will receive six credits at no extra cost.

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