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Audio-Technica release AT2020USB-XP microphone

Latest model offers 24-bit / 192kHz operation

Audio-Technica AT2020USB-XP microphone content creator podcast streaming

Audio-Technica have announced the release of the AT2020USB-XP, the latest USB microphone to join their 20 Series line-up. The new model carries over a number of features from its predecessor, the AT2020USB-X, but benefits from some enhancements such as support for higher sample rates, built-in noise reduction and an automatic gain control.

The AT2020USB-XP still features a fixed cardioid polar pattern, and retains the built-in controls and connectivity of the previous model. The same touch-sensitive mute switch is present, with a blue/red LED inside the grille providing a visual indication of the microphone’s mute status. The built-in headphone output offers both level and mix controls, allowing users to blend between the microphone’s own signal and computer audio playback for monitoring purposes. Once again, connection to a host computer is provided by a USB-C port.

Audio-Technica have upgraded the A-D converter, allowing the AT2020USB-XP to offer 24-bit audio at sample rates up to 192kHz, an improvement over the previous model’s 96kHz maximum. Onboard DSP also now provides built-in noise reduction capabilities which aim to tackle unwanted room noise; three levels of reduction are available, and can be accessed via a selector switch on the microphone itself. An automatic gain control has also been implemented, which will continually adjust the device’s gain in order to maintain a consistent output level.

The microphone comes complete with a custom desk stand, a clip-on pop filter, a thread adaptor and a 3.1m USB-C to USB-A cable with a USB-C/USB-A adapter. The company’s AT8455 shockmount is available as an optional extra.

Pricing & Availability

The AT2020USB-XP is available now, priced at $169£149 including VAT.…

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