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Balancing Act

Banish buzzes with the SOS custom cable!

Setting up your studio only to find that there’s an incessant buzzing sound coming from somewhere can be infuriating. These kinds of noises are most often cause by ‘ground loops’, which can occur when connecting unbalanced equipment (such as keyboards and synths) to balanced recording gear.<strong>Available now!: </strong>SOS Psuedo-balanced cableAvailable now!: SOS Psuedo-balanced cable

For many years, we at Sound On Sound have advocated the use of ‘pseudo-balanced’ cables when such a situation is unavoidable, but for reasons that escape us, no-one has provided this kind of specially wired cable off the shelf... Until now! The SOS Pseudo-balanced Interconnect is custom made according to our own specifications, and is intended precisely for the purpose of connecting unbalanced line outputs to balanced line ins, while eliminating the possibility of a ground loop being made.

Made exclusively for Sound On Sound by Pirahna, using quality cable and Neutrik connectors, this extremely useful problem-solving cable is three metres long, with an unbalanced quarter-inch TS plug at one end and a three-pin male XLR at the other. It’s available to buy now from the SOS online shop, for just £19.99. What’s more, if you’re an SOS subscriber, you get a can buy it for the discounted price of just £16.99!

Follow the link below for more information:

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