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Boss launch AC-22LX Acoustic Amplifier

Enhances pickup-equipped instruments

Boss AC-22LX Acoustic Amplifer Air Feel pickup enhancement

The AC-22LX Acoustic Amplifier is a new, compact stereo amplifier from Boss that has been designed specifically for pickup-equipped acoustic instruments. Using the company’s new Air Feel technology, the amp aims to improve the sound of standard instrument pickups and introduce some of the detail captured by stereo microphone setups.

Developed based on extensive research, the Air Feel feature promises to transform the sound of internal pickups, offering a much more natural sound that conveys the character of the instrument at performance volumes without any of the complications introduced by opting for the use of microphones. There are multiple settings available that replicate a range of microphone techniques including X/Y, A/B, ORTF and mid-side.

The AC-22LX’s cabinet is loaded with a pair of speakers for built-in stereo capabilities, and also offers a stereo pair of line-level outputs. A microphone channel with an XLR input (and phantom power available) is equipped with its own dedicated volume, low- and high-frequency EQ controls and a reverb effect, whilst a second instrument channel benefits from the selectable Air Feel models along with volume, three-band EQ and a reverb/reverb and chorus effect.

Boss AC-22LX Acoustic Amplifier Top PanelThe top panel of the AC-22LX.A Rhythm Box feature then contains 15 built-in patterns for five sets of built in drum and percussion sounds, allowing users to play along with a variety of rhythmic backings, and there is also an onboard looper. A pair of footswitch connections on the amp’s rear panel allow both of these functions can be controlled remotely, allowing for hands-free operation whilst playing.

There are 15 onboard memory locations capable of storing setups for different songs or instruments, and an AC-22LX Editor app for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android platforms offers more detailed control over effects types and parameters, as well as 119 variations for the built-in Rhythm Box patterns.

Pricing & Availability

The AC-22LX is available now, priced at $399.99.

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