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Boss announce ME-90 multi-effects pedal

All-in-one pedal provides stompbox-style control

Boss ME-90 multi-effects guitar pedal amp cabinet simulator impulse response loader

Said to be the most advanced model in the ME series to date, Boss’ new ME-90 multi-effects pedal combines amp modelling and impulse response loading with a range of effects derived from their flagship GT-1000 unit. Despite its all-in-one format, the device also aims to offer a stompbox-style experience thanks to a vast array of hands-on controls and a Manual operation mode.


The ME-90 features eight footswitches with a quiet, smooth operation, and also offers a built-in expression pedal with an integrated toe switch, whilst plenty of hands-on control over key parameters is provided by 30 physical controls on the top panel. A Memory mode allows users to recall entire patch setups with the footswitches, whilst switching the unit to Manual mode provides direct on/off control over each effect category within a patch, much like using a standard pedalboard setup with individual stompboxes.

Amps, Cabs & Effects

A range of amp models ported from the Boss GT-1000 are present, and promise to offer an authentic tone and response thanks to the use of the company’s AIRD technology. A total of 11 amp models are included, offering everything from clean combo tones to high-gain stacks, and each amp also comes with a dedicated cabinet model for use when connecting directly to a PA or recording device. Additionally, users can also load up to three of their own speaker impulse response files using a dedicated software application.

The ME-90 comes loaded with a total of 60 effects divided into seven categories, some of which have again been sourced from the GT-1000. There are a range of drive, modulation, delay and reverb processors, all with their own dedicated control sections, and external effects loop send and return connections are provided for those who wish to incorporate additional processors into their setup. When using external effects, it is possible to place the loop either before or after the amp modelling stage.


Boss ME-90 rear panel I/O connections effects loop USB-CThe rear panel of the ME-90.

Quarter-inch TS sockets provide the majority of the ME-90’s I/O, with an instrument input joined by a stereo output capable of feeding either an amplifier or line-level input, and a pair of sockets providing a connection point for the external effects loop. A headphone output is also provided, and utilises a 3.5mm mini-jack socket. Power is delivered via an external DC power supply, or alternatively, the pedal can be powered by four AA batteries. A USB-C connector is also present, allowing the pedal to function as an audio interface when connected to a host computer.

Boss Tone Studio

Some additional functionality can be accessed via the company’s Boss Tone Studio software, which is available on both Mac and Windows-based computers. Editing, saving and organising of patches can be carried out via the application, and it also provides access to additional effects and amp/cabinet models.

Pricing & Availability

The ME-90 is available now, priced at $349.99.

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