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Cmpsr joystick from Digit Music

Gaming-style MIDI controller

Digit Music Cmpsr MIDI joystick button controller music making accessibility needs

Digit Music are a new company based in the UK, and their first hardware release, Cmpsr (pronounced composer), is a MIDI controller that utilises gaming-style hardware to allow users to trigger instruments with simple finger gestures.

Designed for those with accessibility needs that make creating music with conventional controllers difficult, as well as musicians looking for a different approach to their writing process, the controller features a range of built-in key, scale and chord engines, and offers an intuitive playing experience with a wealth of expressive control.


The controller features a gaming-style joystick which boasts velocity sensitivity, along with eight RGB buttons, with vibration feedback provided by a built-in haptic engine. a range of keys, scales, chords and inversions with a five-octave range are built in, allowing users to trigger a huge selection of notes and chords using the joystick, and the controller also boasts a smart sustain function. The multi-function buttons are capable of carrying out a variety of tasks, such as switching between performance modes, playing more than one note at a time with the joystick and providing control over software functions.

MIDI connectivity is provided either by a USB-C connector, or wirelessly via MIDI over Bluetooth. When using a wired connection, Cmpsr is a plug-and-play device and requires no setup, and a rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of operation time when being used wirelessly.


Digit Music Cmpsr Bitwig Studio 8-Track DAW music production creation softwareCmpsr comes bundled with Bitwig Studio 8-Track and a collection of royalty-free samples and loops.The controller is sold as part of a complete music production package, which includes a copy of Bitwig Studio 8-Track, an exclusive collection of Bitwig templates for a variety of different musical styles and over 1GB of royalty-free samples, loops and presets. Users are also able to access expert tutorials and resources to learn everything from the basics of music production through to advanced techniques. Official controller mapping for Bitwig Studio 8-Track is currently being developed, and will be released at a later date.

Take a look at the video below to see Cmpsr in action.


Cmpsr will work with any device or operating system that accepts MIDI information; however, the firmware updating software and companion app are currently only supported on macOS 11 and 12.

Pricing & Availability

Cmpsr is available now, priced at £299 including VAT.

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