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Constructs Of Time release Gradient soft synth

Virtual instrument samples modular analogue synths

Constructs Of Time Gradient Kontakt Player polyphonic modular analogue synthesizer Eurorack softsynth

Constructs Of Time are a new company founded by synthesizer enthusiasts Laurens Alberts, and have recently announced their first release, Gradient. Multi-sampling a selection of Eurorack rigs and a modified ARP Avatar, this polyphonic Kontakt Player-based instrument aims to authentically capture the sound of modular analogue systems.

Gradient is equipped with a pair of oscillators, and a total of 83 different oscillator waves and 21 noise sources are provided within the instrument, with users able to browse through the available sounds using a single knob. The company say that great care has been taken throughout the sampling and development process to ensure that all of the subtle variations and imperfections of the original devices are present in the resulting instrument.

Constructs Of Time Gradient GUIGradient features a simple and intuitive GUIA mixer panel offers level and pan control over the two oscillators and noise source, with Alternate, Key Tracking and Random panning modes available. A low-pass filter capable of operating at either 12 or 24dB per octave is present, along with a high-pass filter and EQ section, and there is also a Shaper panel, which offers four different processors: Overdrive, Grit, Crush and Tape.

Two envelopes are are available, each of which can be assigned to multiple destinations, and modulation duties are taken care of by a pair of assignable tempo-syncable LFOs. Gradients also features its own built-in delay and reverb effects.

Over 190 presets are included, covering a wide variety of sounds ranging from cinematic-style pads through to deep basses and punchy stabs. Each preset comes with two pages of controls, the first of which provides access to common parameters such as filter cutoff frequency and envelope decay, with a second page tailored to preset-specific controls.

The instrument is also NKS-compatible, providing enhanced browsing and control capabilities to users of Native Instruments’ range of hardware controllers.


Gradient requires Native Instruments’ Kontakt Player 6.6 or later. PCs running Windows 10 or 11 are supported, along with Macs running macOS 10.14 to 12. The instrument requires 2.44GB of disk space, and can be installed via NI’s Native Access application.

Pricing & Availability

Gradients is available now, priced at €75.

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