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Content creator mics from JOBY

Five new models unveiled


JOBY, the brand behind the hugely successful GorillaPod flexible camera mounting system, have just released a host of microphones, aimed at videographers, content creators and streamers.

The new Wavo series comprises five brand-new models, spanning various formats including desktop USB microphones, camera-mounting shotguns, lavalier mics and more.

The Wavo PRO (pictured above) is a compact, short-barrelled shotgun microphone, intended to mount to DSLRs via the ubiquitous hot-shoe system. It sports an integral Active Noise Reduction system to ensure clean on-set audio, and in addition to the sound from its own capsule it can accommodate a secondary mini-jack microphone signal. Alternatively, it can use its secondary channel to provide a -10dB 'safety' output, to reduce the risk of clipping. Audio output is via mini-jack or USB. The latter facilitates charging, also lets you hook the Wavo PRO up to an Android or iOS device, via which you can adjust an onboard DSP EQ, save and recall mic settings, and meter your audio in real time. A thoughtful touch is that the Wave PRO features LEDs on both the front and back of the mic, which lets you know when the mic is hot whichever side of the camera you're on.

JOBY's new Wavo PRO ships with an integral Rycote shockmount, and is priced at £259.95.

Next up is the Wavo PRO DS. This model is fundamentally the same as the Wavo PRO, but omits the latter's app-controlled DSP and auxiliary mic input, but maintains the -10dB safety channel and adds a simple 100Hz high-pass filter, for eliminating rumbles and wind noise. That mic is priced at £228.95.


The Wavo AIR is a complete interview recording solution, and comprises two wireless lavalier microphone systems operating in the 2.4GHz band, plus a stereo receiver for passing the audio on to your camera or mobile device. The receiver outputs via mini-jack, and the receiver/transmitter combo is claimed to offer an impressive 6 hours of battery life when fully charged. The Wavo AIR kit is priced at £214.95, and the optional Wavo AIR Mounting Pack, which includes attachments for boom arms, DSLRs, smartphones and GorillaPods, is priced at £42.95.

JOBY Wavo Lav PROJOBY Wavo Lav PROFor projects where quality trumps convenience, the new Wavo Lav PRO employs a premium lavalier microphone in a traditional wired format. It accepts plug-in power and is designed to connect directly to DSLRs, smartphones and the like, and is priced at £68.95.

Finally, the new Wavo POD (shown below) is a desktop USB microphone, capable of recording at up to 24‑bit/48kHz. It offers a choice of two polar patterns (cardioid and omnidirectional), and can be used either with the included desktop yoke stand or, via an (also included) attachment, with traditional mic stands and boom arms.

In addition to its USB audio output, the base of the mic sports a headphone socket, allowing you to monitor playback from your recording software. Controls comprise volume, mute and microphone gain, and the mic ships with a mesh pop screen to eliminate plosives. The Wavo POD is priced at £85.95.

JOBY Wavo POD desktop USB microphoneJOBY Wavo POD desktop USB microphone

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