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Cory Wong Compressor pedal from Wampler

Compressor and boost pedal features a built-in direct output

Wampler Cory Wong Compressor signature guitar boost pedal built-in direct DI XLR output

The latest addition to Wampler’s guitar pedal line-up is a signature compressor designed in collaboration with Grammy-nominated artist Cory Wong. Aptly named the Cory Wong Compressor, the unit is based on the company’s EGO unit, and has been expanded with a number of additional features that include a direct output on an XLR connector and a built-in boost function.

The pedal is equipped with a pair of soft footswitches which allow the compressor and boost sections to be switched in and out individually, and an additional switch on the side of the unit allows the compressor section to be permanently engaged if required. A multi-colour LED in the centre of the pedal displays the status of each section, illuminating green when the compressor is active, green when the boost is active, and white when both are being used simultaneously.

The compressor section boasts dedicated Attack, Sustain and Volume controls, as well as a Blend knob which offers instant parallel compression. Brian Wampler’s signature Tone parameter is also present, which is designed to allow users to introduce some additional “sparkle and chime” to their tone.

The boost section is then equipped with a single rotary control that sets the level of boost which is applied, and a toggle switch that provides a choice of Flat and Mids settings. As the name suggests, the former maintains a flat response whilst boosting, and the latter provides a more saturated sound with some additional emphasis around the 550Hz range.

The Cory Wong Compressor is the first device in Wampler’s range to feature a built-in direct output. Requested by Cory, the left side of the pedal houses an XLR connector capable of delivering a balanced signal directly to an audio interface or PA system for recording or live performance. A ground lift switch is also provided on the output to combat any hum-related issues.

The pedal is built in the USA and utilises high-quality components throughout its signal path, and is of a buffered bypass design. Each unit is provided with a limited five-year warranty.

Key Specs

  • I/O: Quarter-inch TS In/Out + XLR direct output
  • Voltage Requirement: 9V DC centre-negative
  • Current Draw: 30mA
  • Dimensions: 64 x 120 x 38 mm (width x length x height excluding switches)

Pricing & Availability

The Cory Wong Compressor is available now, priced at $269.97£269 including VAT.

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