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Craig Anderton eBooks released

Three publications exclusively available from Sweetwater

Max Your Mix by Craig Anderton

Veteran musician, engineer and SOS author Craig Anderton has just released three new educational eBooks — with a twist. Unlike most publications, when you buy one of his three new volumes, you'll be entitled to receive software-style 'point' updates, as and when the information needs updating.

Max Your Mix is a 292-page eBook that covers the entire mix process, from broad concepts to specifics such as how to use plug-ins effectively, making virtual instruments work in your mix, monitoring, automation, mix referencing and much more.

Great Guitar Tracks by Craig AndertonHow To Record & Mix Great Guitar Tracks is a 280-page volume that focuses on all things six-stringed, and examines topics such as guitar maintenance; microphone choice; how things like picks, strings and pickups affect your recorded guitar tone; and advanced guitar mixing techniques.

Finally, The Huge Book Of Studio One Tips & Tricks is exactly what it says: a 480-page eBook covering over 170 individual hints and tips on how to make the most out of PreSonus' fast-growing DAW. As well as its 480 pages of text, it also includes download links to 83 preset files and 60 audio examples to help you on your way.

Craig Anderton's three new educational eBooks are available now, exclusively from Sweetwater, and priced at just $19.95 each.

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