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Affordable IEMs from Campfire Audio

BA & dynamic designs revealed

Campfire Audio Satsuma

Premium in-ear monitor makers Campfire Audio have just released two new models, the Satsuma and the Honeydew. But while most of their IEMs are aimed at the well-heeled professional user (with many of their models costing north of a grand), these newcomers are significantly more affordable.

Despite their affordability, the Satsuma and Honeydew are both still handmade at Campfire's Portland, Oregon workshop. The two models are distinguished by their different coloured 3D-printed shells (the Satsuma, appropriately, is orange, while the Honeydew is yellow), and their different driver technologies. The Satsuma employs a balanced-armature driver, which is said to provide a neutral sound very similar to that of Campfire's premium designs, while the Honeydew model uses a traditional dynamic driver, which yields an extended low-frequency response that Campfire say is ideal for DJs, drummers, bassists, and producers working in bass-heavy electronic genres.

The Campfire Audio Satsuma and Honeydew are available now, priced at £199 and £249 respectively.

Campfire Audio Honeydew

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