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Modal release Cobalt8 update & Argon expansion

Firmware v1.1 adds AM, FM and more

Modal Cobalt 8, Cobalt 8m & Cobalt 8x

Bristol synth-makers Modal have released a major update to their Cobalt8 range of virtual-analogue synths. Firmware v1.1 adds extensive AM and FM sound-generation options, courtesy of six new algorithms. The first three are FM configurations, featuring various combinations of saw, square and triangle waves as carrier and modulator, while the other three major on amplitude modulation, with filtered noise controlling the amplitude of a square, triangle or sawtooth wave. Each new algorithm allows for user adjustment of two parameters, including noise filter cutoff frequency, FM depth, modulator frequency ratio, and so on.

The new firmware also adds various operational enhancements, as well as the ability to output MIDI Clock, for sync'ing with other software and hardware instruments.

In other Modal news, the company have also released a new sound pack for their Argon range of wavetable instruments. Monster Machine apparently draws on the sci-fi and horror movie score styles, and comprises 40 “otherworldly textures” and sounds, including “dystopian sound beds, edgy thunderous basses and eery lead lines”. The new collection is completely free to all Argon synth owners.

Finally, the company have also issued an update to their MODALapp software, which runs on both Mac and Windows desktop systems as well as Android and iOS mobile devices, and offers in-depth control over Modal's digital synths. ModalAPP v2.7, Cobalt8 firmware v1.1 and the new Monster Machine sound pack for Argon can all be downloaded from the Modal Electronics blog at the URL below.

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