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Earthworks Ethos

New mic extends to 30kHz

Earthworks Ethos

Wide-bandwidth mic experts Earthworks moved into the spoken-word sector earlier this year with the Icon and Icon Pro podcasting models. Those two mics were a huge success, and now they're following up with a new design intended specifically for broadcast speech.

The Ethos, like the Icon Pro, is a small-diaphragm (14mm diameter) electret microphone with a frequency response that extends to 30kHz and beyond. Unlike the cardioid Icon models, though, the Ethos features a narrower supercardioid pickup pattern, to minimise pickup of room acoustics.

The Ethos' stainless-steel body is topped with a large windscreen, and the mic ships with a Triad-Orbit ball-and-socket mic mount, allowing it to be used at any angle and with any stand, from traditional mic stands to desktop and boom-arm designs.

Available now, the Ethos is priced at $699, and an in-depth SOS review is already under way. Our early impressions have been very positive indeed...

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