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EDU DIY & Stereo Compressors from Erica Synths

New DIY and ready-built modules incoming

Erica Synths EDU DIY Compressor Stereo Eurorack modular synthesizer module

Erica Synths have announced the upcoming release of two new Eurorack modules. The EDU DIY Compressor expands the company’s series of educational DIY kits, which are developed in collaboration with Mortiz Klein and sold under the brand name mki x es.EDU, whilst the Stereo Compressor offers a ready-built dynamics processing solution that joins their ever-growing range of modules.

EDU DIY Compressor

The EDU DIY Compressor kit offers the chance to build a simple diode-based compressor module, and comes with all of the necessary components along with a comprehensive set of instructions. Erica Synths say that the aim of their project with Mortiz Klein is to teach people with little-to-no prior experience how to design analogue synthesizer circuits from scratch, and so instead of simply providing instructions on how to put the module together, the user manual goes into detail about each of the components, explaining their role in the circuit and the impact they have on the overall design.

Once completed, users will possess a module that offers patch points for an audio input and output, along with an additional compressor side-chain input. Input and make-up gain controls are present, along with pots that set the compressor’s threshold level and ratio. Attack and release time controls are also provided, and faster attack times can be achieved by engaging an S Attack toggle switch.

Stereo Compressor

Erica Synths Stereo Compressor Eurorack modular synthesizer dynamicsErica Synths Stereo CompressorThe latest module to join Erica Synths’ range is a compressor based around at THAT chip. As the name suggests, the unit is capable of operating in stereo, and the company say that the design has been optimised for use on percussion sounds, making it the perfect addition to any drum module rig.

Four pots provide control over the module’s input level, make-up gain, threshold and ratio parameters, with the final output level displayed by an eight-segment LED meter. The threshold value ranges from +10 down to -40 dB, ratio is continuously variable from 1:1 to infinity:1, and ±12db of make-up gain is available.

Individual left and right patch points are provided for the module’s input and output connections, as well as its side-chain inputs and outputs. A Stereo Link switch is also provided, which sends a summed signal to the two channels’ detection circuits in order to ensure the left and right channels are compressed equally when their levels are significantly different.

Pricing & Availability

The EDU DIY Compressor is estimated to be shipping by the 10 April 2023, and will cost €65, whilst shipping for the Stereo Compressor is planned for 13 April 2023, with pricing set at €170.

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