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Erica Synths & Moritz Klein team up

Build your own modular!

mki x es.EDU Synthesizer

If 'build a synthesizer' was on your list of new year's resolutions, then Erica Synths have got you covered! The Latvian synth boffins have teamed up with DIY advocate Moritz Klein to release a series of easy-to-make modules in kit form, under the snappy new brand name 'mki x es.EDU'.

The new modules are intended as an educational tool for people who have “little to no prior experience” in circuit design or assembly. “Rather than more typical DIY kits that are simply meant to be soldered together and place in a rack,” they say, “the new educational kits from mki x es.EDU are meant to take users through the entire circuit design process step by step, so every choice is made clear on how it impacts the finished module.”

Nine modules will be released in total, but spaced out every 4-6 weeks to give you a chance to build the first before the next one is out. The debut kit is already available for pre-order, and comprises a basic VCA module for Eurorack, priced at just €60. Future modules will cover more complex designs, such as a mixer, wavefolder, Sample & Hold, and a sequencer. Each kit will also include a 40-page manual, covering both the fundamentals of synthesis as well as how the electronics in each module work.

Check out the URL below for more info.

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