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Eventide announce SpaceTime for H9 systems

First H9 algorithm to feature multiple FX — delay, reverb & modulation

Eventide have announced a new algorithm for their H9 stomp box. One criticism that is often levelled at the H9 system is that each unit can only use one algorithm at a time. Not any more —  SpaceTimeis a multi-block algorithm which combines modulation, dual delay and reverb into a single algorithm.

As you’d expect with company’s heritage, all elements are based of the company’s tried and test effects. Delays, for example, are based on Eventide’s Vintage Delay algorithm from the TimeFactor pedal and the reverb section draws from both the Plate algorithm in Eventide’s Space pedal, as well as Eventide’s UltraReverb native plug-in. Unique to SpaceTime is the ability to route the delays and reverb in series or parallel after modulation, further adding to its versatility and creative applications. 

Hear it in actions here:

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