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Modular experts launch two guitar pedals Ghost Eurorack modular synth guitar distortion delay reverb filter modulated effects pedal are a well-known name in the modular synth world, having built up quite the selection of Eurorack modules since their debut release in 2012. Now, with the upcoming launch of the Ghost and Golden Master Pedals, the company are bringing the capabilities of two of their popular modules to guitarists.


Like its Eurorack counterpart, the Ghost Pedal is a multi-effects device that combines distortion, delay, reverb and filtering, and packs in a wealth of modulation capabilities thanks to an LFO section and expression pedal input. Plenty of hands-on control is provided, and in addition to the pedal connectivity, every parameter can also be controlled via MIDI; the pedal offers detailed visual feedback, with an LED alongside every control varying in colour and brightness to indicate its value and modulation status.

There are six routing configurations which allow the distortion, filter, and delay/reverb sections to be placed in different orders, and plenty of tonal variation is on offer thanks to three different reverb modes and three filter types. The delay section can also function as a looper. There are three footswitches, which provide features such as tap tempo, looper control, freeze and spring excite functions for the reverb, preset switching and bypass.

Stereo inputs and outputs are provided by four quarter-inch jacks, whilst a fifth provides a connection for expression pedals. MIDI In and Out/Thru connections utilise five-pin DIN sockets, and power is accepted via a 2.1mm socket, with the unit requiring a 250mA 9V DC supply. is As well as its high-impedance input, the pedal will happily accept line-level signals, and so can just as easily form part of an effects rig for other instruments such as keyboards and synths, or be used alongside a DAW-based system.

Golden Master Golden Master EQ multi-band compressor mid-side stereo widener guitar' new Golden Master pedal.The Golden Master Pedal follows the same format, delivering the features found in the company’s Eurorack module of the same name in stompbox form. It functions as a three-band EQ, and also offers a one-knob compressor for each band, which works alongside a global threshold control to provide an intuitive way to apply multi-band compression. It also boasts some mid-side processing capabilities that make it possible to apply stereo widening on a per-band basis.

Four quarter-inch jacks again provide stereo connectivity, with a fifth allowing either a side-chain input or expression pedal to be connected. As with the Ghost, power can be connected via a 2.1mm socket, with the pedal requiring a 150mA 9V DC power source.

Pricing & Availability

The Ghost and Golden Master pedals will be launching on 17 October 2023, with pricing as follows:

  • Ghost: €445
  • Golden Master: €295

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