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Glenn Coleman: 1951 – 2023

Designer and engineer passes away

Glenn Coleman audio engineer designer

Audio electronics engineer and designer Glenn Coleman, the founder and owner of Coleman Audio, has passed away aged 71.

After studying at United Electronics Institute in Louisville, KY, Glenn began his career in the audio industry at MCI Inc., a company who supplied mixing consoles, multitrack recorders and two-track mastering decks to the recording studio and broadcast industries. He remained there for eight years before being hired as a Senior Technical Engineer at Atlantic Records Studios in Manhattan, New York City, where he was responsible for the maintenance and installation of equipment for the label’s busy in-house studios.

It was whilst working at Atlantic Records Studios that Glenn recognised the need for problem-solving audio equipment that could make the lives of recording and mixing engineers far simpler, and so in 1988, he founded Coleman Audio with the aim of developing a range of new products to tackle some of the issues he had observed during sessions. A year later, he left his role at Atlantic and joined Martin Audio, a New York City pro audio retailer, which provided him with more time to develop his own equipment designs.

Over the coming years, Coleman Audio became well-known across the audio industry for their range of switching, monitor control and metering solutions, many of which are still in production and remain popular choices amongst studio users today. More recently, the company also developed a pair of high-quality signal processing units in the form of the CS500EQ 4 Band Stereo Equalizer and the CS500M Mastering EQ.

Condolensces from SOS to all Glenn's family and work colleagues. RIP.

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