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Hayakumo release hardware VU meters

Foreno range is designed for home, pro and broadcast studios

Hayakumo Foreno

Tokyo-based equipment manufacturers Hayakumo have released two new hardware VU meters, designed for use in home, pro and broadcast studios.

The Foreno and Foreno-Rack are, respectively, a desktop and 2U rackmounting stereo meter, each of which conforms to a number of professional standards, including the BTS5703 standard used by NHK, the Japan Broadcasting Corporation. We're told that the mechanical meters themselves, which are illuminated by LEDs, have been designed to ensure reliability and longevity. They respond to signals in the range 30Hz-15kHz, and have an integration time of 0.3 seconds (±10%).

Naturally, both models have input and thru output sockets, and they operate at nominal levels of +4dBu (signals up to +24dBu can be accommodated). A five-step input attenuator is also present.

Available now, the desktop Foreno carries an MSRP of $750, while the Foreno-Rack has an MSRP of $850.

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