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Hayakumo reveal Izarai passive monitor controller

Stepped attenuation & switchable subwoofer output

Hayakumo Izarai passive studio monitor controller

Hayakumo have announced the upcoming launch of the Izarai, a compact desktop passive monitor controller that offers a stepped volume control and can be used to route a pair of inputs to up to three sets of monitors.

The Izarai has been developed alongside Tokyo-based recording and mixing engineer Gregory Germain, and aims to provide studio users with a simple yet high-quality solution for switching between inputs and pairs of monitors, with precise control over their output levels. It’s a passive device, and so requires no power, and comes equipped with two stereo inputs and three stereo outputs — helpfully, the third output can be switched on and off independently for those wishing to share a subwoofer between separate monitoring systems.

A key aspect of any monitor controller is, of course, the accuracy of its level control. Hayakumo have designed the Izarai around a 23-step rotary switch, allowing it to offer fixed attenuation values and maintain consistency between the levels of the left and right channels. Adjustments are made in either 5 or 10 dB steps at the lowest and highest values, with the -50 to -20 dB range benefitting from a more precise 2dB per step.

As well as the main level control and selector switches for the inputs and outputs, the top panel of the controller also offers some additional buttons for monitoring functions such as mute, mono summing and dim, the last of which can be set to either -10 or -20 dB. The company’s high-quality approach also extends to the enclosure, which employs purpose-made machined aluminium knobs and buttons.

Key Specs

  • I/O connections: Quarter-inch TRS
  • Attenuator: 4-Pole 23-step rotary switch
  • Attenuator resistance value tolerance: 1%
  • Maximum input level: +30dBu
  • Input impedance: 2kΩ
  • Recommended load impedance: 5kΩ or greater (C-SELECT inactive: 5kΩ or greater, C-SELECT Active: 10kΩ ×2 or greater)
  • Dimensions: 162 × 98 × 138 mm
  • Weight: Approximately 1.04kg

Pricing & Availability

The Izarai will be available in December 2023, priced at $530.

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