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Elektron update Analog Rytm drum machine

Five new Machines, Euclidean sequencer mode & more

Elektron Analog Rytm 1.70 OS update

Elektron have announced the release of a major OS update that brings a range of new features to their hybrid drum machine. Analog Rytm 1.70 introduces five new Machines along with an extended set of parameters for the existing offerings, a new sequencer mode, extra scales and more.

Five new Machine’s bring Analog Rytm’s total count to 33, and offer a versatile range of new sounds. The first, HH LAB, is described by Elektron as “a laboratory for the most outrageous of metallic experiments”, whilst SY CHIP is said to echo Elektron’s first machine, SidStation. BD and SD ACOUSTIC then deliver new kick and snare sounds, and SY RAW kits out a popular Machine from Elektron’s Syntakt with Rytm’s waveforms, facilitating a wide variety of bass, lead and melodic percussion sounds.

Along with the new Machines, Elektron have also taken the opportunity to add some functionality to the existing line-up, with four of the original offerings gaining a set of new parameters. BD SHARP’s WAV parameter has gained a square waveform, whilst BT CLASSIC has been treated to a new pitch envelope control, and new pulse width parameters are now present in both CB CLASSIC and CB METALLIC. To complement the instrument’s new melodic capabilities, the company have added refined tuning, hi-res semitones, pad scales, and fold functionality options which can be used when Analog Rytm’s pads are set to Chromatic mode.

The instrument’s sequencer, meanwhile, has gained a Euclidean mode, extending its rhythmic capabilities with a pair of Euclidean generators that can be combined to create complex patterns with control over steps, pulses and offset parameters. A new Page Loop function also makes it possible to work continuously within a specific sequencer page.

Along with the major new features, the update also implements a number of GUI and performance improvements, as well as tackling some known bugs.

To find out more about the Analog Rytm itself, you can check out our review from SOS September 2014.


The OS upgrade is available now as a free download from the Elektron website. More information on how to carry out the upgrade, along with links to the appropriate download sections, are available via the link below.

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