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Tokyo Dawn Labs unveil Special Filters bundle

Four new filter plug-ins & free frequency analyser

Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Special Filters mixing mastering low- high-frequency filtering plug-ins

Tokyo Dawn Labs have released four new filter plug-ins that each offer a specialist solution for situations where traditional EQ processors may fall short, along with a frequency analyser that they are offering as a free download. The new filters can either be purchased separately, or as part of a Special Filters bundle.

TDR Infrasonic provides users with a continuously variable slope filter that offers precise control over the very lowest frequencies in a mix, and is said to be an ideal tool for preparing material for systems with reduced low-frequency reproduction capabilities. Minimum and mixed phase modes are available, and a mix control makes it possible to blend in the unprocessed sound for more subtle results. Dynamic Bump and Harmonic Generator buttons are present, and aim to help compensate for the energy loss introduced by the plug-in’s filtering process.

TDR Elliptical’s speciality is control over stereo width at low frequencies, and employs a pair of elliptical filters that operate on the stereo difference channel. Unlike traditional elliptical filters, they offer a continuously variable slope, and give users a choice of either minimum or linear phase operation. Compensation tools are present once again, with a Dynamic Bump function joined by Hass delay options.

TDR Ultrasonic moves the focus to the other end of the frequency spectrum, aiming to control the accumulation of ultrasonic content in oversampled recording, processing or playback chains, and prevent it from negatively affecting the processing carried out by devices such as peak limiters, distortion devices and compressors. It uses a linear phase filter with a continuously variable slope, and supports sample rates up to 20MHz.

TDR Arbiter is then described as a frequency-selective spectral balancer. The processing acts independently of a signal’s level, and can be used to tackle a number of issues including de-essing and attenuating plosives, or to apply broader frequency balance issues. Users can apply bell, flat-top and traditional shelving curves at a defined frequency, with Range and Speed parameters helping to fine-tune the processing applied. Once again, a Harmonic Generator function is present to compensate for energy loss.

Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Prism free frequency spectrum analyser plug-inTDR Prism is a free frequency analyser that focuses on the human perception of sound.

The last of the new plug-ins, TDR Prism, joins Tokyo Dawn Labs’ range of freeware, and offers a modern frequency analyser that focuses on the human ear’s perception of audio levels. It promises a precise insight into the spectral properties of an audio signal via a detailed visual display, and offers a range of spectral weighting and tilting methods, along with peak or RMS smoothing options, as well as human auditory filters and real-time indication of auditory masking.


All of the new additions to the Tokyo Dawn Labs range are supported on PCs running Windows Vista and above, and Macs running macOS 10.9 or higher. VST, AU and AAX plug-in versions are available.

Pricing & Availability

The new plug-ins are all available now, and are currently (24 November 2023) being offered at a 40% discount. The reduced prices are as follows:

  • TDR Infrasonic: €18
  • TDR Elliptical: €18
  • TDR Ultrasonic: €18
  • TDR Arbiter: €24
  • TDR Special Filters bundle: €48

TDR Prism is available as a free download.

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