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Heritage Audio’s R.A.M 1000 monitor controller

Built-in Bluetooth connectivity

Heritage Audio RAM 1000 compact monitor controller Bluetooth wireless

The latest device to join Heritage Audio’s range of monitor controllers is said to be the ideal solution for mid-sized studios and self-recording musicians. The compact R.A.M 1000 comes equipped with many of the features found in the company’s larger units, and also offers built-in Bluetooth connectivity for easy integration with wireless audio devices.

The controller features a pair of wired stereo inputs along with a wireless stereo Bluetooth input, and a pair of outputs. It is possible to select multiple inputs or outputs at once, allowing users to monitor more than one signal at a time, or route their audio to both output destinations simultaneously, if required. There is also a high-quality headphone amp built in, with a dedicated volume control provided on the unit’s top panel.

The Bluetooth input is compatible with a range of the latest codecs (APTX, APTX LL, APTX HD, SBC and AAC), ensuring the highest possible quality is maintained when used with compatible wireless devices.

The all-important duty of level control is taken care of by a 24-step passive attenuator, which offers adjustment in 3dB steps and is said to ensure precise stereo imaging thanks to a tolerance of <0.1dB between the left and right channels. It is joined by three function switches: Mono, Dim and Mute, which all provide exactly what you’d expect of them!

Heritage Audio RAM 1000 compact monitor controller top panel switchesThe top panel of the R.A.M 1000.

The first pair of inputs are provided on XLR/TRS combo sockets, and the second on quater-inch TRS sockets along with a switch to choose between +4dBu and -10dBV operating levels; XLR connectors are then employed for the first pair of outputs, with quarter-inch TRS sockets providing the second. Another quarter-inch TRS socket provides the R.A.M's headphone output, and power is accepted via a USB-C socket. 

A switch allows Output 1 to be run in either of two modes: MON (monitor) or REC (record). With MON mode active, the output will be affected by the level control, as you’d expect; whilst in REC mode, any selected inputs will be routed to Output 1 without passing through the level control, allowing it to be passed on to a DAW whilst monitoring via the second output, for example.

Pricing & Availability

The R.A.M 1000 is available now, priced at $499£467.20 including VAT.

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