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IK Multimedia announce AI Machine Modeling

New guitar and bass modelling technology that uses machine learning

IK Multimedia AI Machine Modeling

IK Multimedia have announced AI Machine Modeling, a revolutionary new technology from the developers of AmpliTube, the world’s most popular amp and effects sim.

Utilising artificial intelligence, Machine Modeling software allows guitar and bass players to model the sound of any amp, cabinet or combo, plus pedal effects such as distortion, overdrive, fuzz, EQ or boost. Rather than using test tones, IK’s powerful machine learning neural network captures the tone of the amp in a matter of minutes with real guitar signals for a new level of authenticity.

In practice, users only need basic recording equipment to work with Machine Modeling. A reamplification box, standard two in/out audio interface in combination with a modern computer will be sufficient. Users route IK’s special guitar/bass capture track through their guitar setup to record the sound of any rig or piece of gear. This is then fed into the Machine Modeling’s deep neural network software along with the original DI track. The AI software compares the DI and wet signals and generates an exact algorithm to model the rig in minutes.

The result is known as a 'Tone Model', a highly authentic and realistic software clone of the rig or gear that has been captured. Tone Models reproduce every nuance of an amp or pedal in precise detail. Listen to the examples in the video below to hear how close they sound! IK claim that the technology is so advanced that an amp and cabinet can be captured in tandem, to then be virtually separated and used in different setups. The algorithm can also capture an entire rig, including when using harmonically complex fuzz, distortion or overdrive pedals in front of the amp.

IK Multimedia say that AI Machine Modeling is coming soon, with no indication yet of its official release date. In the meantime, listen to the audio examples below featuring comparisons between the original and modelled gear, and find out more on IK’s website.

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