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Image Line FL Studio 2024 now available

New synth & effects along with FL Cloud update

FL Studio 2024 DAW update FL Cloud plug-ins

Image Line have announced the launch of FL Studio 2024, the latest version of their popular DAW package. As well as introducing a range of powerful new tools, an additional virtual instrument and a pair of new plug-ins, the update also significantly expands the company’s FL Cloud service with instruments and effects from a range of top brands. 

What’s New?

The DAW has gained an AI-powered Chord Progression Tool capable of everything from creating new progressions based on genre and mood prompts to suggesting complete backing accompaniments based on a single riff or melody line. The feature is said to be the most powerful composition tool available in any DAW, and comes equipped with a simple set of controls that allow users to add variations to their parts and adjust the complexity of generated progressions. Next up is Note Repeat, a new function available in both the Piano Roll and Rack step sequencer that makes quick work of triggering the likes of fast percussion rolls, stutters and more without needing to manually draw in each MIDI note.

FL Studio Kepler Exo virtual instrument software synthesizerKepler Exo is a new software synthesizer available to those who own the All Plugins version of FL Studio.

Users of FL Studio’s All Plugins edition gain, Kepler Exo, a brand new synth inspired by two classic instruments from the 1980s, enhanced with some handy extras such as a second DCO with hard sync, oscillator and filter FM, an additional LFO, a 16-slot modulation matrix and five built-in effects. There’s also two new effects plug-ins available to All Plugins and Signature Bundle owners: Low Lifter and Spreader. The former adds additional harmonics to low-frequency sounds to help them cut through on playback systems with less low-end extension, while the latter offers a powerful stereo widening effect that has been designed to avoid hindering a source’s mono compatibility. 

The update also implements a number of enhancements and improvements, including support for the CLAP (CLever Audio Plug-in) format.

FL Cloud

Alongside the latest version of the DAW itself, Image-Line have also announced a major update to FL Cloud, which now includes a collection of plug-ins alongside its sounds, mastering and music distribution tools. There are currently 69 instruments and effects from the likes of Native Instruments, UVI, Minimal Audio, Baby Audio, MeldaProduction, W. A. Production and United Plugins, most of which will appear alongside FL Studio’s own offerings in the software’s Plugin Picker window. 

FL Cloud Mastering has been updated, too, with it’s AI-based processors now kitted out with simple controls for bass and mid EQ, brightness and warmth, as well as optional switches for for multi-band compression, low- and high-frequency exciters and a stereo widening tool.

The service is now available in three tiers: Plus, Pro, and Free, all of which benefit from the addition of plug-ins, and existing FL Cloud subscribers will be automatically upgraded to FL Cloud Plus at no extra cost. FL Cloud Plus subscribers get 18 plug-ins, a library of hundreds of thousands of sounds, mastering with 14 genre presets and customisation controls, and distribution to all major streaming platforms (provided in partnership with DistroKid). Pro subscribers get all the benefits of Plus along with an additional 51 plug-ins, and users of FL Cloud Free get access to 10 plug-ins, a curated library of 15,000 sounds, and AI-powered mastering with a default preset. 

Image Line are currently (4 July 2024) offering discounts on FL Cloud annual memberships, more information can be found here.

"It’s incredibly exciting to see more people than ever before experimenting with audio and getting into music making. With the release of FL Studio 2024, we continue to build on our mission to provide all music makers at all stages of experience with everything they need to be creative. Today, I’m proud of our passionate team for delivering yet another significant update with many exciting new additions and thankful to our partners who helped us reach the major milestone of introducing plug-ins to FL Cloud." - Constantin Koehncke, CEO. Image Line 


FL Studio 2024 is supported on PCs running Windows 8.1 or higher, and Macs running macOS 10.13 and above.

Pricing & Availability

FL Studio 2024 is available now, and is available to all current users for free as part of Image Line’s Lifetime Free Updates Policy. For those wishing to purchase a license, pricing is as follows:

  • Fruity Edition: £89
  • Producer Edition: £219
  • Signature Bundle: £299
  • All Plugins Edition: £515

Prices include VAT.

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