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Steinberg release free X-Stream soft synth

Morph samples into interesting new sounds

Steinberg X-Stream spectral software synthesizer

Steinberg have announced the launch of their latest HALion-based software instrument, which is being offered free of charge to all users. Described as a spectral synthesizer, X-Stream is capable of transforming samples into a wide variety of sounds through a combination of stretching, looping and other innovative manipulation techniques. 

Users can drag and drop samples into the instrument’s GUI, where they’re met by a collection of controls that make it possible to alter their speed and playback direction — or even freeze them entirely — as well as ‘blur’ them into expansive, atmospheric textures. Next up is a Stack section that makes it possible to create chords using up to five pitch-shifted copies of the generated sound, each of which can be targeted by their own independent level modulation. 

Pitch, Spectral Filter, Filter and Amp modules follow, and the first three benefit from an envelopes that come loaded with a wealth of pre-defined shapes as well as providing users with brush, pen and eraser tools that can be used to draw in their own custom shapes. The modulation capabilities continue with an X-LFO system that can be used to modulate two parameters simultaneously on two axes, each with their own assignable waveforms and LFO rates. 


X-Stream runs in Steinberg’s free HALion Sonic 7.1 (or the full version of HALion 7.1) plug-in/application, which is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or higher, and Macs running macOS 11 and above. VST3, AU and AAX plug-in versions are available, along with a standalone application.


X-Stream is available now, and is free for anyone to download.

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