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Imperative Audio launch Portable Vocal Booth

PVB combines isolation and portability

Imperative Audio PVB

New UK company company Imperative Audio have just sent us news of their debut product ahead of the online NAMM Show later this month. The PVB, or Portable Vocal Booth, is exactly what it sounds like: an isolation booth, designed primarily for singing or spoken word, which is both lightweight and easy transport.

Looking rather like an enormous reflection filter, the PVB is essentially a partially open cylinder made from a number of curved panels. When joined together and with its legs fitted, the PVB is large enough to accommodate even the tallest of performers (it stands at a maximum of 230cm tall), but can be lowered for seating operation, or even used 'leglessly', either on the floor as an iso box for guitar amps, or on a desk for podcasting work.

Constructionally, the PVB's walls comprise three layers of acoustic treatment in an aluminium frame, and it is said to offer an RT60 of just 0.07 seconds, and up to 28.4dB (A-weighted) attenuation of outside noise.

The PVB ships with an accessory bar, book/score stand, storage/transport bag and (for a limited time) an LED light. It's priced at £999 in the UK (excluding VAT), and will start shipping from February, when a roof panel will also become available as an optional accessory.

Check out the video below to see it in action.

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