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iZotope RX 10 released

Major updates to RX’s most popular audio repair modules

iZotope RX 10iZotope RX 10

iZotope release RX 10, which they claim is the most intuitive and intelligent version of their industry-standard audio repair software released to date. iZotope has made major updates to RX’s most popular modules, using new technology and AI assistance to restore, clean up and improve audio quicker and more reliably than ever before.

Some of the exciting new features in RX 10 include Text Navigation, whereby recorded speech and dialogue is analysed before being converted into a text transcription before your eyes. This is then displayed above the spectrogram, helping the user to quickly scan and search for specific words in an audio file, as well as select and edit the recording using text. RX 10 can also detect and separate multiple speakers if the audio contains more than one voice, allowing for consistent per-person processing throughout a mix.

RX 10 includes an updated and rebuilt Repair Assistant plug-in that can be used within a DAW. Repair Assistant automatically identifies specific audio problems such as noise, clipping, clicks and sibilance and then recommends a repair chain that you can modify further with intuitive controls. You can also audition your settings before committing to them.

iZotope have put even more improvements into this latest version, including a Dynamic Adaptive Mode in De-Hum, that lets you start getting rid of noise in the audio editor rather than requiring audio analysis beforehand. The neural net in Spectral Recovery has been updated to improve the quality of re-synthesized upper frequencies and can also now recreate missing lower frequencies too. And selection feathering now works in the time and frequency domains.


iZotope RX 10 is available now in Elements ($99), Standard ($299) and Advanced ($799) editions. These are introductory prices, rising to $129, $399 and $1,199 respectively from 11 October.

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