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iZotope RX Plug-in Pack delivers 4 tools for audio repair

De-click, De-hum, De-clip, and Dialogue De-noise available together

Press Release: iZotope has announced the release of the RX Plug-in Pack — a great value bundle of four audio repair plug-ins taken directly from the company’s award winning RX 5 software.

An ideal entry point into the world of RX for musicians and hobbyists, RX Plug-in Pack consists of De-click, De-hum, De-clip, and Dialogue De-noise plug-ins – the essential tools for cleaning up audio and avoiding the need to re-record.

  • Clean up audio from less-than-ideal recording scenarios: reduce background noise, amp hum, clicks, and other sudden sounds captured when recording voice or instruments.
  • Don’t lose the flow of an inspired performance: remove clipping from a vocal recording that got hotter than expected.
  • Salvage noisy tracks that were headed for the trash: filter out line hum, buzzes, ground loops, or other unwanted sounds when it’s too late to re-track.

RX Plug-in Pack is available to download now for the special introductory price of £66.95 until 18th March. Owners of iZotope's Music Production Bundle can buy RX Plug-in Suite for just £32.95 and Upgrade paths are available from RX Plug-in Pack to RX 5 and RX 5 Advanced.

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