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Jones-Scanlon add main monitors to Red series

Big Reds offer serious low-end extension

Jones-Scanlon Big Reds

Jones-Scanlon, the Australian monitor company behind the formidable Reds and Baby Reds, have added a third monitor to the range. The new Big Reds certainly live up to their name, housing two 10-inch woofers, a 6.5-inch midrange driver and a bullet tweeter in a massive 60kg cabinet.

Designed for either soffit- or stand-mounting, the Big Reds employ Class-D amplification throughout, and boast low-frequency extension down to 28Hz. In common with its smaller siblings, the Big Reds house an internal DSP section that runs at 192kHz and offers a 98Hz boost option (intended to negate one of the more commonly encountered control-room response dips), and a 35Hz high-pass filter to allow for high-SPL operation.

As with their other monitors, the Big Reds come in a red gloss finish as standard, but as Jones-Scanlon build each speaker to order, you can have them finished in any colour you like. They're available to order now, and cost $22,950 AUD (around $16,525 USD) per pair.…

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