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Jones-Scanlon & Sonarworks team up

Speaker correction DSP now built in

Jones-Scanlon Sonarworks

Premium Aussie monitor makers Jones-Scanlon have just announced a partnership with room- and speaker-correction experts Sonarworks, which will see the latter's advanced monitor optimisation technology being integrated across the entire Jones-Scanlon range of speakers.

So, each new pair of J-S monitors will ship with a copy of Sonarworks SoundID Reference, with which you can take multiple measurements of your monitor/room response. The Sonarworks software will then create a correction curve, but as well as the option of applying that correction curve in software (per normal Sonarworks use), you'll be able to upload it to the monitors themselves, and thus be able to listen to a corrected response, with no added latency and without even needing to boot up your computer.

Existing owners of Jones-Scanlon monitors can get in on the action too, thanks to a retrofit DSP board option.

To find out more about the Sonarworks/Jones-Scanlon collaboration, check out the URL below.

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