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KU4 directional ribbon from AEA

Classic RCA mic reborn

AEA have released a new ribbon mic, which, like some of their other models, is based on a classic design from the now-defunct company RCA. The KU4 “celebrates the legendary RCA unidirectional KU3A”, and even employs NOS (new old stock) RCA ribbon material. Unusually for ribbon mics, both the original and the new KU4 feature a supercardioid polar pattern, achieved by use of an acoustic labyrinth inside the body. As well as lending the mic directivity, this approach also reduces its susceptibility to the proximity effect.<strong>AEA KU4</strong>

The ribbon is but 1.8 microns thick, an attribute that endows it with a fast transient response, and a high-frequency frequency response of up to 40kHz (though at that point, its output level is some 24dB lower than it is at 5kHz). SPL handling is said to be greater than 140dB, output sensitivity is quoted as 2.8mV/Pa, and output impedance is 300Ω.

Usefully, the ribbon assembly (including the ribbon itself and the pole piece) can be replaced “in the field”, should the mic suffer an accident.

No UK price was available at the time of writing, but we do know that the AEA KU4 will be selling in the states for $4720.

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