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Lambden Audio introduce LA-X studio monitors

Brand introduce new monitors, sub and controller

Lambden Audio LA-6X LA-8X LA-8S SoloCTRL active studio monitors passive controller

UK-based Lambden Audio have announced the launch of LA-X, a series of active studio monitors comprising six- and eight-inch monitors and an eight-inch subwoofer, and the SoloCTRL passive monitor controller. 


The new monitor series has been designed to offer a neutral, detailed sound at an affordable price, allowing home studio users to make informed decisions when recording and mixing without breaking the bank. As their names suggest, the LA-6X and LA-8X feature 6.5- and eight-inch low-frequency drivers respectively, both of which are paired with a one-inch silk-dome tweeter.

The specified frequency range figures are impressive given the monitors’ compact form factor, with the LA-6X spanning from 43Hz to 20kHz, and the LA-8X extending to an even lower 38Hz to 20kHz. Those looking for some additional power at the low end can add the LA-8S to the mix, an eight-inch subwoofer with a 40 to 200 Hz response that will still fit comfortably in smaller studios. 


Lambden Audio SoloCTRLAlongside its wired aux input, the SoloCTRL also features Bluetooth connectivity.Alongside the monitors themselves, the company have also released a passive monitor controller that brings some all-important control within easy reach. Designed to be placed on a desktop, the SoloCTRL combines a large central volume knob with Mute and Sub Bypass switches.

Helpfully, the unit also features a wired aux input and boasts Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to easily play back reference material from a mobile device either with, or without cables. 

Pricing & Availability

The LA-X series and SoloCTRL are available now, with pricing as follows:

  • LA-6X: £139
  • LA-8X: £159
  • LA-8S: £159
  • SoloCTRL: £89

Prices include VAT.

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