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Latest automation systems from THD-Labs

SSL 9000 J & K series systems planned

THD-Labs Tangerine Automation System vintage SSL 9000 J K series console fader scene recall system

THD-Labs have announced that they will be expanding their Tangerine Automation Interface range, a system which brings modern automation capabilities to vintage consoles.

Over 150 studios across 25 countries already utilise the technology, with Tangerine systems being used by the likes of Abbey Road Studios, Sunset Sound Studios, Bob Clearmountain, The Focusrite Roomm, Bunker Studios and many more. This year, the company plan to introduce new automation solutions to bring the benefits to SSL’s 9000 J and K series consoles. The system will be capable of delivering between 8 and 96 channels of read and write automation to the original console, with the following channel parameters able to send and receive automation data:

  • Large Fader Volume
  • Large Fader Cut
  • Small Fader Volume
  • Small Fader Cut 
  • EQ In/Out
  • Insert In/Out
  • Cue In/Out
  • FX 1-6 In/Out

Trim and Absolute automation modes are supported, and can be set on a per-channel basis, and any console fader is able to function as a virtual DAW controller. Several methods of communication are available, with the most recent addition being THD-Labs’ Injektor software, which uses a VST/AAX/AU plug-in to integrate directly with the host DAW. There is also a solution which uses Reaper in the place of an automation computer, and a HUI implementation which doesn’t require any additional software but will introduce some limitations such as a 32 channel limit and no Trim automation mode.

The company will also be releasing a motorised fader pack for SSL’s 4k, 6k and 8k series consoles. A drop-in replacement for the centre section group faders of VCA consoles, the unit will provide motorised remote control of any console bucket, as well as offering control over DAW software faders.

Lastly, the release of a Tangerine Automation Interface for OEMs option will allow leading manufacturers to integrate THD-Labs’ systems with their future console releases.

More information on the new systems can be found on the THD-Labs website.

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