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LPB-3 boost & EQ from Electro Harmonix

Classic early EHX design updated and improved

Electro Harmonix LPB-3 Linear Power Booster & EQ guitar effects pedal

Guitar pedal gurus Electro Harmonix have announced the reintroduction and enhancement of an old classic, the LPB-3 Linear Power Booster & EQ

The new version of the effect is housed in the company’s Nano chassis, and unsurprisingly given its name, combines a clean gain boost with a three-band EQ. A toggle switch offers a choice of either +20 or +33dB of maximum boost, with users able to set the amount of boost applied while the pedal is engaged with Pre-Gain (pre-EQ) and Boost (post-EQ) controls.

As for EQ, Bass and Treble knobs control shelf filters placed at 240Hz and 3.25kHz respectively, while Mid Lvl and Mid Freq controls provide a bell filter that can be placed anywhere between 240Hz and 3.3kHz. A pair of fixed high and low Q values can then be assigned to the mid band via a second toggle switch. 

Input and output connections are provided on quarter-inch TS sockets, as you’d expect, and the pedal can be configured to operate in either true or buffered bypass modes. A power supply is included, and the pedal will draw 200mA of 9.6V DC. 

Pricing & Availability

The LPB-3 is available now, priced at $129.

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