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Mellowson & GlowPads by SampleScience

Mellotron-inspired virtual instrument

SampleScience Mellowson Mellotron-inspired virtual instrument

The latest release from SampleScience is a new virtual instrument influenced by the sounds produced by the Mellotron. Rather than setting out to emulate the original, Mellowson has instead been developed with the aim of creating new and interesting sounds that are inspired by the iconic instrument.


Plenty of control is on offer despite the relatively simple single-page GUI, shown above, providing users with Preamp and Glide controls, as well as a Filter that can be switched between low- and high-pass modes. Modulation Depth and Rate controls are available to govern the behaviour of a built-in LFO, and it is possible to manipulate the shape of the overall sound even further thanks to a full ADSR amp envelope section.

The instrument also features four built-in effects, each with their own set of dedicated parameters. The Distortion section houses Drive, Gain, and Mix controls, whilst a Delay offers Time, Feed, and Mix dials. A Chorus section provides users with control over its Frequency, Depth, and Mix functions, and lastly, there is a Reverb section equipped with Size, Damp, Width, and Mix parameters.

A total of 30 built-in presets are provided, covering a range of sounds that include instruments such as pianos, organs, and guitars, along with brass, synth, and vocal sounds.

Check out the company's YouTube sound demo.


GlowPads not only shares Mellowson’s GUI layout and style, but the controls on offer are also identical, with the instrument equipped with the same envelope, filter, modulation, and effects sections. The similarities end there, however, as instead of providing electro-mechanical keyboard-inspired tones, the focus here is on atmospheric synth pads and textural soundbeds.

Monophonic, polyphonic, and legato voice modes are available, and users are able to choose from 100 sounds, all of which can be customised using the on-board controls and effects. SampleScience say that GlowPads is capable of effortlessly creating everything from ethereal ambient sounds to sweeping crescendos, describing the instrument as a “secret weapon” that will help users to add depth and emotion to their productions.

SampleScience GlowPads atmospheric cinematic pads soundbeds virtual instrument


Mellowson and Glowpads are both supported on PCs running Windows 8.1 or higher, and Macs running macOS 10.14 and above. They are available in VST, VST3, and AU plug-in formats. Mellowson requires 623MB of disk space, whilst GlowPads will occupy 384MB. Neither instrument is available as an AAX plug-in, meaning they cannot be hosted directly within Pro Tools.

Pricing & Availability

Mellowson is available now, priced at $30.

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