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MonkeyC release Rando software sampler

Create new patches from existing sample sets

MonkeyC Rando creative random software sampler plug-in

Rando is the second release from MonkeyC, a company founded in 2023 by Dennis de Laat, a dance music producer and software engineer who wanted to create a range of production tools that do something a little different to the norm. This latest offering is a sampler that helps users to find new sounds by randomly combining samples from their existing libraries, and comes loaded with a simple set of tools to customise the results.

The company say that the plug-in hasn’t been designed as an “expensive, shiny mega-sampler”, but rather a lightweight creative tool that aims to help producers discover new sounds, and have fun whilst they do it! Creating a new patch is as simple as directing Rando to the location of a sample folder and hitting the large button in the centre of the GUI. The software will then populate the keyboard range with a selection of random sounds, with any tonal content automatically tuned, and any rhythmic samples time-stretched to the correct tempo. If users are after something a little more specific, it’s possible to narrow the search using a simple category system.

Although the aim is to keep things simple, there’s still a healthy selection of sample manipulation and processing tools included. Settings are provided to alter parameters such as sample start and end times; playback direction; trigger, gate and loop functions; an ADSR envelope; tuning options and more. There’s also a Life control, which has been designed to add some analogue-style drift, as well as Filter, Chorus, Distortion, Crush, Delay and Reverb global effects modules, and a sequencer section with a randomise function capable of instantly generating new patterns.


Rando is supported on PC and Mac (no minimum OS versions specified) and is available in VST3, AU and AAX plug-in formats.

Pricing & Availability

Rando is available now, and will be priced at $49 until 2 April 2024, rising to $69 thereafter.

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