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MORTRIX - MIDI foot controller

Features LFOs and a built-in step sequencer

MIDIUM MIDI touch-screen live foot-switch controller LFO envelope step sequencer

MORTRIX are currently developing a compact device that they say will not only redefine what a MIDI foot controller is, but will also greatly expand what can be achieved with one. Users are able to build custom scenes loaded with controls for their MIDI devices, assign functions to footswitches, modulate parameters with LFOs and envelopes, and much more.

MORTRIX MIDI foot-switch controller interfaceMORTRIX can be programmed directly from its large built-in touchscreen.The device, which shares the company’s name, is built around a large touchscreen surrounded by eight sturdy footswitches, and offers a wealth of connectivity options which allow it to control a wide range of MIDI-enabled equipment. All of the creation and editing of patches is carried out directly on the unit itself through a clean and simple interface, providing users with an all-in-one solution to programming and performing with their gear.

MORTRIX supports almost all types of MIDI message, including CC, Program Change, Note-On/Off, NRPN, Polyphonic and Channel Aftertouch, CC Pair, and SysEx. More advanced control is provided by LFOs and envelopes which can be assigned to any MIDI parameter and edited from the touchscreen, and the device also boasts an on-board 64-step sequencer which can be triggered manually or synchronised using MIDI Clock. A pair of inputs also allow the connection of expression pedals, with the device using their input to generate MIDI data which can then be assigned to the parameters of any other connected device.

MORTRIX MIDI touch-screen live foot-switch controller LFO envelope step sequencerMORTRIX's rear panel offers MIDI I/O on both DIN and 3.5mm mini-jack connectors, USB and RJ45 connectivity, TRS expression pedal inputs, and a slot for future expansion options.

All of MORTRIX’s controls can be organised into scenes, each of which contain presets that can be assigned to the device’s footswitches, with users able to arrange the scenes for individual songs, sets, sounds, or in any other way that suits their way of working. Each preset can send a virtually unlimited amount of MIDI messages, and can also be configured to provide utility functions such as tap tempo, MIDI Clock start/stop commands, as well as triggering the on-board sequencing, LFO and expression functions.

MORTRIX also includes a range of Data Profiles, which contain preconfigured sets MIDI data for a variety of devices, allowing users to select their chosen device and function, and assign controls to it without having to search through manuals and MIDI tables. The Device Surfaces function also allows MORTRIX to display all of a connected device's parameters, and edit them directly from the touchscreen.

The controller is powered by an external 9-12V 1000mA DC power supply, measures 230 x 151 x 77 mm (width x depth x height including footswitches), and weighs 950g.

Pricing & Availability

MORTRIX are aiming to release their controller early in 2023, with an expected price of $560£500 excluding VAT / €570.

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