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G-Sonique BFX24 free filter plug-in

Analogue filter emulations

G-Sonique Bi-Polar Analog Multifilter BFX24 plug-in free analogue filter emulation

G-Sonique are celebrating 15 years as a company by offering a free plug-in to users willing to sign up to a waiting list on their website, as well as liking their Facebook page and sharing the plug-in.

The Bi-Polar Analog Multifilter BFX24 is an emulation of a selection of analogue filters, and includes low-, band-, and high-pass types, as well as a band reject filter. The plug-in is equipped with Cutoff and Resonance parameters, with the former capable of being modulated by a bi-polar envelope follower, which unlike conventional envelope followers, is able to modulate the control in both directions. G-Sonique say that the BFX24 is a versatile processor, and is an excellent choice for processing drums, percussion, guitars, synthesizers, and live instruments across virtually every musical genre.

More details, and information on how to obtain the plug-in upon its release, are available on the G-Sonique website.


For those who follow the signing up process, BFX24 will become available to download for free in December 2022.

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