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G-Sonique announce RRTX24 plug-in

Resonant Techno Reverb

G-Sonique Techno Resonant Reverb RRTX24 artificial space plug-in effect

G-Sonique have released their latest plug-in, the Resonant Techno Reverb RRTX24. Aimed primarily at creators of techno music, the plug-in offers a more unusual take on reverb effects, with the company saying their goal when developing the effect was to create a tool capable of producing gloomy artificial spaces, percussive metal resonances, and surreal atmospheres.

Conventional Room Size, Damp, Width, and Mix controls are placed in a Reverb section in RRTX24’s GUI, and are accompanied by a Resonant Reverb Filters section, which houses a collection of nine differing low-, band-, and high-pass filter types along with Cutoff and Resonance parameters. a Resonators section below then provides two independent resonance controls, each of which is equipped with its own frequency and level controls. Some movement can be introduced courtesy of an LFO capable of outputting sine, saw, triangle, square, and noise waves, which can be used to modulate the cutoff frequency of the first filter.

G-Sonique say that RRTX24 is a versatile plug-in, and recommend its use on a range of sources including drums and percussion, synth parts, voices, and acoustic instruments. a Preset Manager is also included, and comes loaded with 27 factory settings designed to offer a starting point for a range of different source sounds.


RRTX24 is supported on PCs running Windows XP, 7, 8, or 10, and is available as a VST plug-in.

Pricing & Availability

RRTX24 is available now, priced at €32.90.

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