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MOTU UltraLite-mk5 gains Wi-Fi access & control room features

Free update adds wireless control, A/B monitor switching & more

MOTU UltraLite-mk5 audio interface control room wi-fi access firmware update

MOTU have announced the release of a free firmware update and new ‘Gen 5’ driver that equips their popular UltraLite‑ mk5 audio interface with significant new features including Wi‑ Fi access, A/B monitoring functionality, monitor grouping and talkback.

Wi-Fi Access

When the UltraLite-mk5 is connected to a computer with access to a Wi-Fi network, users are now able to control it wirelessly using MOTU’s CueMix 5 app running on mobile devices or other computers on the same network — the app can be run and used on multiple devices simultaneously, if required. Network discovery and security features make it possible to manage access to the UltraLite-mk5 (and any other online MOTU devices), each of which can be assigned a password, if required. If the devices are being used in an educational environment or performance venue, for example, it is possible to configure interfaces so that their mixing features and settings can be accessed only by authorised personnel.

New Control Room Features

Alongside the new Wi-Fi functionality, MOTU have also introduced a range of new handy monitoring and talkback facilities. Users can switch between two pairs of monitors (connected to outputs 1-2 and 3-4) with a single click in the CueMix 5 app to instantly compare their mix on each set of speakers, whilst a new Monitor Group feature allows users of multi-channel monitoring systems to define any combination of analogue outputs to be controlled by the interface’s front-panel volume control — as well as its software equivalent in the CueMix 5 app.

A Talk button in CueMix 5 now allows engineers to communicate with musicians via a microphone connected to the UltraLite-mk5. A range of settings are provided to determine the signal’s routing and volume, as well as how much other monitored channels are attenuated whilst talkback is engaged.

“The UltraLite-mk5 essentially got a feature boost from our just-released 828 audio interface because they share the same DSP-driven CueMix 5 mixer and front-end app. While developing these features for the new 828, it made perfect sense for our engineering team to add them to the UltraLite-mk5 as well.” -  Jim Cooper, Director of Marketing, MOTU


The new firmware and drivers are available for UltraLite-mk5 owners now, and can be downloaded for free from the MOTU website.

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