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Musiio harness AI to help artists get discovered

Deep Learning AI created to help musicians sell songs

Music technology start-up Musiio create AI-based platforms for major record labels, music aggregators and production music libraries. And what their technology does could help your music get discovered.

Fundamentally, their AI is designed to make searching a large catalogue of music more manageable. How it does that, though, is entirely based on the audio, ignoring all commercial factors such as number of followers, streams or media coverage. By using Deep Learning AI, Musiio can identify traits such as recording quality, perceived skill of the artists, genre, presence of a vocal and much more.

Musiio can now automatically generate tags for BPM, Energy and Vocal/Non-Vocal genres (99.75% accuracy). Meanwhile, automatic genre tagging has an accuracy of 95.6%.

For record labels, it works like this: an A&R person teaches the AI what sort of music they would sign, then it analyses and returns a sensible playlist of tracks from newly released music online.

CEO Hazel Savage explains, "If there are 30,000 songs being released every day and you as an A&R person only listen to 20, you’re definitely not going to find the majority [of tracks that fit your criteria]. But, if we can listen to 30,000 and give you the top 20 we think you’ll like, your coverage jumps from less than 1% to 100%, and your accuracy is going to massively improve.” 

Composers for music catalogues could very well benefit from this technology, too. That’s because Musiio’s AI allows audio referencing. Think of it like Google’s reverse image search for music, but instead of finding exactly the track you search, it returns tracks that sound similar. So, when the catalogue mangers get a request for a track that sounds "a bit like track X”, they can literally ask the AI to find tracks that fit that sonic profile. There are even options for how experimental the AI should be in looking beyond set parameters.

“It still needs the human to come in and see the potential” says Savage. “Just to close that gap between what is and isn’t being heard is where we start. We don’t make any claims to perfection at the moment, but we’re 99% more effective than the existing solution."

Ultimately, this is a tool that lets music labels and production libraries dive deeper than ever before into both their own catalogues and new material. The hope is that this will result in more songs being sold, licensed and discovered. Because, when it comes to the AI, the audio speaks for itself.

Musiio’s AI is not currently available to the public, though you may benefit from its use elsewhere in the music industry. The company is currently offering private demos to record labels and music libraries.

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