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Travis & Fripp music apps

Creates a new experience on each listen

Travis & Fripp II app.Featuring the music of progressive flautist/saxophonist Theo Travis (Soft Machine, Porcupine Tree, David Gilmour, Bill Nelson) and pioneering guitar legend Robert Fripp, this trilogy of apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod recreates the unpredictable dynamics of live performance, delivering a new experience on each listen.

Developed by Peter Chilvers, who has previously collaborated with Brian Eno on the apps Bloom, Trope and Reflection, each recombines a selection of performances painstakingly assembled by Travis from multitrack recordings taken from over a decade of collaboration, matching old performances with new, studio recordings with live, and exclusive unreleased material with the more familiar.

Travis & Fripp I and III apps.Each app has its own flavour and unique slowly flowing visuals responding specifically to the music.

The apps can be purchased from the Apple App Store individually for 2.99 GBP / $2.99 USD / 3.49 Euros, or together at a reduced price.

A must have for fans of Robert Fripp and Theo Travis alike.

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