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Neumann announce KH 150

Latest KH model equipped with DSP engine

Neumann KH 150 DSP equipped reference-grade monitor

Neumann have announced the KH 150 , the latest model in their range of reference-grade studio monitors. The design features the same high-resolution tweeter as the other members of the KH range coupled with a newly-developed 6.5-inch woofer. The headline feature however, is that the KH 150 is also controlled by a  DSP engine, ensuring a linear phase response and facilitating room-adaptive calibration via Neumann’s MA 1 Automatic Monitor Alignment.

Despite the compact format, the monitor is capable of delivering a high volumes and extended low-end response whilst exhibiting low distortion figures. Neumann describe the frequency response as “exceptionally flat”, and quote a range of 36 Hz to 20.4 kHz between -3dB points. The KH 150 is recommended for all applications from broadcast to music production, including styles that require a powerful low-end and/or elevated listening levels, such as EDM, urban music and film scoring. It is also possible to combine the KH 150 with other models in the KH line for use in larger surround and immersive setups. 

“The KH 150 closes the gap between the KH 120 and the KH 310, but it does far more than that. Its internal DSP engine offers many benefits such as a phase linearised crossover and a new level in tonal consistency. The KH 150 is made to extremely low tolerances of no more than ± 0.8 dB! And you can hear it, too, stereo imaging is razor-sharp.” Stephan Mauer - Neumann Portfolio Manager

Neumann KH 150 DSP equipped reference-grade monitor rear panelThe KH 150's rear panel is equipped with EQ controls, input gain, source selection and a ground lift switch, all of which can also be controlled via software via a network connection.The KH 150 offers both analogue and S/PDIF digital connectivity, with the rear panel hosting an XLR socket for the former, and an pair of RCA connectors providing both an input and output for the latter. A KH 150 AES67 version will also be available, equipped with redundant AES67 audio network ports that are fully compliant with broadcast standards such as ST 2110, ST 2022-7 redundancy, and RAVENNA. The KH 150 AES67 is also compatible with Dante-generated AES67 network streams.

In addition to its technical performance, the KH 150 is also extremely energy efficient. Neumann say that great care has been taken during development, and that the monitor is powered by a new patent pending amplifier technology. Although the amplifiers are capable of delivering up to 145W to the woofer and 100W to the tweeter, the unit only consumes 17W at idle, and an auto-standby feature reduces this to 0.3W after a period of inactivity (this feature can be disabled if required).

The majority of KH 120 accessories also fit the KH 150, with the exception of the LH 65 table stand, which is available in a slightly larger version in the form of the new LH 66. The LH 61 (L bracket) has been updated due to the additional size and weight of the KH 150, and the LH 64 (VESA mount) has also been adjusted to allow access to the controls of the KH 150.


The KH 150 and KH 150 AES will be available in September 2022. The KH 150 will be priced at €1650$1750, and the KH 150 AES67 at €1895$1999.

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